Will’s Market Letter

*Will’s Market Letter is currently on hiatus until further notice. In the meantime check out some past Market Letter’s below.

First Quarter 2021 Market Letter

Happy New Year! I have started writing several times since the beginning of the year and have almost consciously slowed the process down just to watch and think, or to simply be, to let space happen and events occur without commentary. So in a way I feel like we haven’t talked in a while, and …

Third Quarter 2020 Market Letter

The third quarter of 2020 has been a good summer in general in the US equity markets and a very good summer for owners of large-capitalization growth stocks. See chart watches for large cap index, US Government Bond Yields, and more in exciting news around financial planning.

Second Quarter 2020 Market Letter

The past few months of COVID-19 have impacted markets in the second quarter of 2020. See what the uncharted waters could be in store for your finances and investments.

First Quarter 2020 Market Letter

Happy New Year! 2019 ended up being a good year for anyone exposed to the equity markets. As January 2020 has unfolded the market’s attention has been grabbed by a Chinese coronavirus that does not yet have a cure. The uncertainties of the virus’ spread and the resulting potential economic impacts has brought selling pressure into the market. What will be in store for the rest of the year?

Fourth Quarter 2019 Market Letter

2019 has been a very dynamic period by whatever metric you’d like to use as a qualifier. On the Outer Banks we use storm names, or the surf crew marks notable swells, or fishermen and women note the quality of shrimp or trout seasons. In the financial world, 2019 as of early October will be remembered for low interest rates, discernment on the part of investors, and trade wars.

First Quarter 2019 Market Letter

2018 ended with some aggressive, indiscriminate selling that seemed to suggest hedge funds or mutual funds being forced to liquidate before year-end. The selling also suggested hopeful market bears, long-starved for a win, trying to change the market’s tone for the first quarter of 2019.

Third Quarter 2018 Market Letter

The second quarter of 2018 was a largely positive time for investments, trademarked with a rolling bull and shallow rolling bear markets in different US economic sectors. Learn more about 2018’s potential trade war with China, treasury bonds, rising interest rates, and more.

Second Quarter 2018 Market Letter

Nice to be back in the office after a bit of internal tune-up work. I had bypass surgery on April 24th at Norfolk Heart Hospital and am happy to be progressing through the phases of recovery. Having known almost nothing about the whole cardiac health matrix except that my father and grandfather had heart issues, this spring has provided a robust learning curve. Please reach out with any questions about the process that you or a loved one may have; there are amazing resources close by and if you’re like me, fear of the unknown ends up being the worst fear of all…

First Quarter 2018 Market Letter

2017 ended up being a strong year for stocks and investments. The first quarter of 2018 marked a quick correction and recovery

Fourth Quarter 2017 Market Letter

We’ve been correcting a bit in the equity markets the last few days, but I’d have to say that 2017 has turned out to be one of the better market environments I can ever recall. There is coordinated global expansion underway and world equity markets have ticked higher in support.
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