Will’s Market Letter

Third Quarter 2017 Market Letter

Increased productivity, low unemployment, and disinflation put investment capital to work around the world. The third quarter of 2017 yielded corporate earnings for many sectors expect for retail. Could the retail apocalypse issue lower earnings or completely destroy the sector?

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Second Quarter 2017 Market Letter

The Second Quarter of 2017 brought a complex and fluid market. The bull market is maturing and growing. Maybe now is the time to take advance of low interest for access to cheap capital. But, will that momentum last?

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First Quarter 2017 Market Letter

Yes, Brexit and Trump and the long bond finally moving all happened, confounding pundits, traditionalists, and folks in the investment management world worldwide. The market has moved towards our positions on multiple fronts, and our positioning has held us in good stead. Let’s see what happens with earnings season and the Inauguration on the horizon.

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