Ongoing Investment Management

Retirement, TAX, and Estate Planning

Investment Record-keeping/PROXY Voting

Financial Planning Consultations

Fiduciary and Fee oNly

WE partner with CPA’s and attorneys to provide a professional team on behalf of and for the benefit of our clients.

Dare Capital Management, LLC is a fee only fiduciary investment advisor offering ongoing investment management and related planning services to our clients. We work with individuals, families, businesses, trusts and estates.

Some folks really enjoy the work that’s required to keep up with their investment portfolios and financial lives. We’re glad to help them, but we also help quite a few folks who aren’t as keen on the work involved. We get to know our clients well and prepare a financial game plan that takes individual circumstances into consideration.

We strive to be tax-efficient, diversified, low cost, flexible, and sophisticated. Our goal is to help our clients reach their financial goals, simplify the often-confusing investment process, and provide peace of mind regarding financial direction.